I finished this one last week but haven’t gotten around to posting it until now! I used an autumn jasper focal (the pink flecks match the challenge swatch!) with peridot gemstone chips; glass beads; and antiqued brass beads, chain, bells, and findings.

Laying it all out... Stringing! The Focal

The full-length shot! From the right! Focal Close-up

From the left!


Another lovely shade of green, this one a bit more vibrant.

Week 19: Green Tea

 A lovely mossy green for this week.  I like it!

Week 18: Vineyard Green

Took me a while to get this one just right, but here it is!

The focal and clasp accent are fluorite, and they go nicely with the glass seed beads and glass pearls. Silver-plated chain and findings “round” this one out! (Get it? Because rings!)

Inventory Selection Lovely blue fluorite focal! Getting there...
Focal Close-Up Diamond-Cut Rings Fluorite Toggle Clasp Accent



You can’t get more Springy than a nice periwinkle, right? I happen to have some lounge pants exactly this color, and they go with exactly none of my t-shirts, so I wear them ironically. :)

Week 17: Easter Egg