Added some gold accents to the central wood ring in my Week 3 project. NOW it’s finished!

Week 3 Result Update Week 3 Result Update

pantone-week4-duskyorchidThis week’s inspiration is a bit more purple than Week 1‘s color, and let’s face it: You can’t really go wrong with purple. ;)

Looking forward to seeing what I come up with…

I’m pleased with this one! I don’t make many bracelets, but I like this one. I may add more gold accents to the wood rings to balance out the gold chains and clasps, but I consider this one done. :)

First attempt...not impressed. Take 2 with wood rings. Win! Crimped and ready for a clasp...
All clasped up! Top View Bottom View


Here they are! I’m pretty happy…they feel very glamorous. :)

The stash! Ribbon ends applied, wrapping begins... ...Wrapping continues...and still more wrapping...

Large and small, finished at last!

Week 3: LionThe color for this week’s challenge is a lovely fawn. I have some suede lacing just this color. Wrap bracelet, maybe?

Meanwhile, Week 2’s projects are nearly finished. It takes a long time to do all those wrapped loops with a sore wrist! >.< The large bookribbon is finished, and I’m about halfway through with the small one. Wrap-up post coming soon!