Week 14: Beetroot Purple

Took these photos ages ago but haven’t posted them for some reason. This necklace was made with silver-plated components and bright pink glass beads.

By your headpins combined... Week 14: Beetroot Purple



So, the Rachel Dolezal situation has me thinking unusually pithy thoughts lately. I’m not saying I agree with her or what she has done, or that I agree with her detractors, but you have to admit it’s an interesting story.

In this day and age, in this culture and society, people are becoming more sensitive to the nuances of self. “You can be whatever you want to be,” they say. “Just be yourself.”

Just a few years ago, identifying with a “fringe” group, such as being homosexual, meant that you were sick — mentally ill. Something was wrong with you that could be fixed. All you needed was some professional help and you’d be back on the straight and narrow (no pun intended).

Now we have male celebrities finally telling the world they have always identified themselves as female, like Caitlin Jenner, and who are now finally able to be their “true” selves. There are females who have identified as male, and who are successful and widely accepted in their male identities, like Chaz Bono.

Though everyone is up in arms about it, is Rachel Dolezal’s case really all that different?

Her reasons for identifying as black — that’s another discussion entirely. I don’t know if she’s seeking some benefit from her identity, either financial or psychological. I can’t speak to that.

I just see so many people — including her white parents — calling on her to “get the help she so desperately needs.” If she’s been lying for some gain, sure, but I think we need to look long and hard and ask the deeper questions:

Is race still about who your parents are?

If you can change your physical body to better “fit into” your identity as transgendered, how is changing your appearance to suit your personal racial identity any different?

Week 13: Faded Rose

I finished this one last week but haven’t gotten around to posting it until now! I used an autumn jasper focal (the pink flecks match the challenge swatch!) with peridot gemstone chips; glass beads; and antiqued brass beads, chain, bells, and findings.

Laying it all out... Stringing! The Focal

The full-length shot! From the right! Focal Close-up

From the left!

Week 12: Storm Blue

Took me a while to get this one just right, but here it is!

The focal and clasp accent are fluorite, and they go nicely with the glass seed beads and glass pearls. Silver-plated chain and findings “round” this one out! (Get it? Because rings!)

Inventory Selection Lovely blue fluorite focal! Getting there...
Focal Close-Up Diamond-Cut Rings Fluorite Toggle Clasp Accent


Week 11: Thistle

A companion set of earrings for Week 10’s necklace! So fancy!!

Getting started... ...And done! On Black

Complete set!