Yesterday, Mona discovered that there’s more to the world than the six-inch-high plastic base of her cage. Ever since then, she’s been popping her head out of her doorway, standing on her hind legs to try to reach pretty shiny things on my craft table, which is above and behind her, and “pssh! pssh!”-ing all over the place, LOL. (She’s still tiny, and wheeking is a “learned” behavior, so we think she’s just not quite got the hang of it quite yet…but it’s funny listening to her bop around her cage and hiss like a radiator.)

She’s even managed to move her house out of the corner so that she has room to run around it. Just in the last few days she’s become much more brave and curious, running to check out new things — or just regular old things — every chance she gets and chattering away to herself or whoever will listen. She’s a little charmer, and she’s going to fit right in with the rest of our family just fine.

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