This week, I’ve been entirely addicted to Animal Crossing: City Folk. Believe it or not, my EQ2 game time has taken a serious downturn because of this cutesy little number. I know you folks have heard me mention my love for tedium and my OCD tendencies in relation to this game before, but wow, I think even I underestimated its potential power over me.

Isiston’s “town fruit” is the peach. Damn peach trees are all over the place, to the exclusion of all else, except some cedars here and there. I’ve taken to shaking down a half dozen or so and randomly mailing them out to the NPC townsfolk, praying all the while that my dumb “A peach for a peach!” and “You’re just peachy!” letters — and their attached gift — will earn me another type of fruit. So far, it’s paid off: I’ve gotten 1 apple and 2 oranges, which of course were both immediately planted and watered thoroughly. I did finally have a coconut wash up on the beach the other day too, so I have an almost-mature coconut palm. Just need some cherries and pears, and I’ll have it made!

I’ve also found out that my NPC neighbors apparently like receiving mail from me, and I bet the attached peaches don’t hurt. I’ve turned around two “friendships” already, and I intend to keep fishing for foreign fruit, so I’ll have more BFFs than I can shake a stick at in no time.

I’m also on my third(?) house upgrade; I now have two floors, plus the attic, and a hefty mortgage to match. I have an idea of the kind of “feel” I want my house to have, and it’s taking me a while to find the right types of furniture to fill up all the space I’ve got now… Wish I had that problem in real life. :p

I’m hopping in and out of the game most days, and if anyone else out there in blog-reader-land is playing, I’d be happy to trade friend codes so we can visit each other!

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