isiston-angela01So I realized after fiddling with AC:WW for a day or two that I had totally deluded myself about the ability to visit myself cross-platform. The truth: By using the DS’s “Download Play” feature, I can pack a “DS Suitcase” and take my Wii character on the move. I just have to remember to come back when I’m finished; otherwise, I’ll lose everything I’ve earned on the Wii. Tabula rasa FTL.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t do anything along the lines of DS to Wii play…only Wii to DS, and that’s only temporary. I have to say, though, it is kinda cool that the Wii and DS can find each other in “the cloud” so easily. No flaming hoops required, just click and go.

I won the big fishing tournament in WW yesterday with a 45.5″ sea bass. I got a nice trophy from the mayor in the mail this morning as well as an announcement on the town bulletin board. The AC fishing tourney is this Saturday, but it’s for a specific fish, so that’ll be interesting.

As promised, I’m including a little pic of my AC character! On the Wii, I’m Angela from Isiston, and my friend code is 2621-8145-4501; on the DS, I’m Mona from Mimiburg, and my friend code is 0474-3487-3779.