I had a fortuitous meeting while walking Lola yesterday. A couple of kids — boys, maybe 12 or 13 years old — were out at the reservoir just kicking around like bored kids do. They said hello to me, then one of them commented on how trashed the waterline had become.

Teenagers/20-somethings have been going out at night and starting campfires, which is bad enough; however, they were also drinking quite a bit and just leaving their cans wherever they fell. There’s also a lot of broken beer and liquor bottles littering the ground…I think Lola’s cut her paw a few times on them (nothing serious, but still).

Long story short, they volunteered to help me clean the place up a bit. I told them I’d bring out some garbage bags this afternoon, and they said they’d try to meet me out there after lunch to pick up some of the trash.

Well, the boys didn’t show, but that’s ok. The weather was nice, although warm, and Lola and I were by ourselves, for the most part. I spent an hour or so picking up handfuls of glass; Lola spent an hour or so splashing herself silly in the water. I half-filled a big heavy-duty bag with broken glass and various other bits (including a discarded blanket and some plastic cups that were tossed into one of the campfires to melt).

There’s still a lot to be picked up out there, but cleaning up just a small portion of it made me feel awesome.

I left a weatherproof plastic box out there that contains a big box of heavy-duty garbage bags and a few cheap pairs of work gloves. I taped a sign to the inside of the lid; hopefully it will give folks the nudge they need to do the right thing.

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