I’ve got a new file on my Downloads page!

I’ve created a PDF file that includes all Research Apprentice and Elite Research Apprentice recipes for all tradeskill classes! Click below to download:

[ddownload id=1210]

  • Thanks for getting all of this together. That said, I’m a bit puzzled by the direction EQ2 crafting is going these days. It was certainly nice to actually craft stuff for my character to use for the first time since the month TSF came out – big upgrade compared to the DOV era where the only thing I needed crafting for was to turn dungeon drops into gear.

    That said, “apprentices” that drop in level 92 duo/raid content and require drops from the same to craft seems to be a very different direction, much more like what we see in other games with frankly lesser crafting systems. Meanwhile, the six-quest Skyshrine timeline was a bit weak.

    On the plus side, I now have an otter to live in the free New Halas LON house I got for the hacking/downtime last year? 🙂 (Now I just need to decorate it….)

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    • Yeah, I feel the same way…the latest tradeskill additions have been in a completely different direction than what the crafter community is used to and/or expects. I mean, really…six quests? That’s IT? I miss Domino. 🙁

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