This pin touts that shaving your legs with baby oil gel (or I suppose even regular baby oil) will make shaving a religious experience that will make your legs so soft and smooth that baby angels will follow you around singing hymns for a week.

OMG, you guys. This was the worst idea EVER. EH. VERR.

How was it horrible? Let me count the ways:

1. Baby oil gel is a bitch and a half to remove. You thought regular baby oil was bad? Oh, ho ho, my friend… You oil up your leg, then you can’t hold on to any bathroom fixtures — or even your razor.

2. The act of shaving your legs with baby oil gel on them will seriously gum up your razor. I had to use the hottest water my plumbing could produce along with the pulse setting on the shower head to clean that sucker out every few strokes.

3. Once that crap is flushed out of your razor, it sticks tenaciously to everything else, especially the walls and floor of the tub, and therefore the bottoms of your feet.

4. During and after shaving, my bathtub could have hosted the fucking IceCapades, y’all. No lie. I almost died.

5. There aren’t that many cleaners that will cut through that shit on their own. Be prepared to break out the big guns and a ton of elbow grease. Or you can just burn your house down and be done with it.

{Edited to add:}

6. I didn’t notice a huge difference after the fact. My legs were oily for a while afterward, and I was concerned about accumulating blanket fuzz and dog hair until the oil was completely absorbed. My legs didn’t feel noticeably smoother, and any moisturizing boost I may have gotten by using this method was short-lived. The end did not justify the means, by far!

My two cents?

   No. No, no no no, no no. No. Do not ever try this.   

  • I wish I would have seen this earlier than this morning. I tried this and have to agree with everything you have said. Totally not worth it!

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  • SOOOO glad I just saw this! I saw the Pin and bought the gel, but thank God didn’t use it yet!!! Thank you for saving me the pain in the butt! I will use it to moisturize AFTER 😉 so at least it doesn’t go to waste lol

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