We picked up Mona’s cremains yesterday from Steve at Carolina Pet Cremation. He did a beautiful job and included a lovely packet of condolence and memorial material.

Mona's Urn

Cremation Certificate Poems Memorials
Wildflowers (front) Wildflowers (back)

This, however…this caught me by total surprise and left me sobbing for a while. I was truly moved.

Name Plate & Paw Print

I will be woodburning and painting a design on the top of her urn like I did for Isis. I’m thinking a cornucopia, since she was named after the goddess of abundance.

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  • When I lost my Melody, her ashes came back with a paw print done like this. Easily an hour of crying. When I came across it six months later, easily an hour of sobbing.

    Our hearts never heal from these losses, do they?

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