I got the unexpected chance to wear my armwarmers today. We had temperatures in the mid-80°s last week, and it topped out at 44°F today, which happens to be the first day of Spring.

After wearing my armwarmers for reals during our daily dog park excursion, I’ve made a list of changes that need to be made in my next pair.

First, they’re pretty long. I thought I would like that — and the length might be good if I’m around the house in a t-shirt and my arms get cold and I don’t want to wear a sweater — but under a long-sleeved jacket, it becomes an issue. The tops(? I’m guessing the elbow end is the “top”) slip toward my wrist a bit and it’s a little awkward trying to scoot them back toward my elbow without pushing my jacket sleeve up too.

Second, the thumb hole is a little too big for me. It just seems to give the whole thing less of a reason to stay in place and not slip down a bit.

Third, the ribbing on the palm end is the same size as the ribbing on the elbow end, which as you can imagine, doesn’t feel quite right. When I stick my hands in my pockets, the ribbing rolls up, and then I have to wiggle my hand around in my pocket until I get it to lie flat again. I might omit the palm ribbing altogether on my next pair.

Anyhow, I’m going to work up another pair and see what happens.

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