I know, I know…it’s been way too long. I thought it was way past time I update you on the fun stuff from the last several months, plus make a promise to be better about posting as events unfold.


April 28: I started a noodle binder! I knit little i-cords for all of the yarns I had and filled out pages for each brand.

Update: I have sooo muuuch yaaarn. The noodle binder is so far behind. I look at it every time I walk by, fully intending to get everything caught up but… /sigh


May 1: Made a shiny stitch counter bauble! I used the Susan Bates stitch counter and Swarovski crystal beads and components.

…A bunch of them!


June 10: Got my SCiO and decided to customize it with some adhesive vinyl — purple, of course.


July 24: Pokémon GO! team decals!


August 22: A birthday present for my mom — a necklace with all her kids’, grandkids’, and great-grandkid’s birthstones.


September 5: This year’s Autumn wreath!


September 11: This year’s Halloween wreath! I used “creepy cloth” and a plastic skull from Dollar Tree with ribbon and a grapevine wreath from Joann. Here’s the progression of the plastic skull:

It was easily the coolest, most badass wreath I’ve ever made, and I’ve made a BUNCH of wreaths.


October 2: Brioche stitch loom-knit hat!




December 13: Christmas lights!!!

…And that’s about it. I’m working on a felt ornament project that’s driving me batty, so I think that will be my next post, maybe tomorrow. Stick around!

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