My name is Angela. *waves* I was born in 1979 on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. I lived there until I met and married my (now ex-)husband in 1999; we lived in Florida for 6 months, the UK for 4 years, Texas for 6 months, and Virginia for 10 months, at which point I decided our marriage was doomed and we separated in September 2005. I don’t regret much about it, though, since that path led me to where I am today.

I met my current boyfriend around the time I left my ex, although at that time he was just a supportive long-distance friend. We’ve been living together in Massachusetts since January 2007, and I never imagined I could be so happy. We have a great relationship, and the icing on the cake is our bevy of guinea pig fur-babies.

Isis, born in December 2004, was a diva. It was her way or the highway, but she loved scritches and cuddles. We were pretty sure she didn’t realize she was a guinea pig, since she couldn’t stand our other two girls. She had ovarian cysts, and they caused her frequent digestive distress. Vet bills be damned, she was a solid part of this family, and we loved her to bits. We lost her on July 4, 2010, and she is sorely, sorely missed.

Artemis, aka “Mimi,” born in April 2007, is our mischief pig. She’s a genuine clown. Larger than Isis and more rambunctious, she’s the most sexually aggressive out of the three, which just bugs Isis even more. This pig loves two things: food and laying down. When she can do both at once, that’s even better. She’ll plop herself down anywhere at any time, and if it comes in a bag that crinkles, it’s food and she WANTS SOME. At her first vet visit, they described her as “extremely healthy.” I prefer to say that she has a big booty. :p

Pomona, aka “Mona,” was born in November 2008. She’s our newest addition and still pretty small, although she’s growing up fast. She’s got Isis’s big doe eyes and Mimi’s teddy bear face, and with her coloring, she’d look just like a squirrel if she had a big bushy tail. Her sweet and playful personality is coming out nicely, and she loves being snuggled. Like most babies, she’s in the “if I can reach it, I can eat it” stage, which would be ok if it didn’t include fingers.

I have loads of varied interests, including (but not limited to) reading, cooking, herb gardening, jewelry making, sketching, digital graphics and image manipulation, website design, and photography. Although I grew up with pencils and paints, most of my creative work these days is done right here at my desk. I’ve done a number of personal and corporate web and graphic design projects; you can check out some of my work here.

My drug of choice these days is EverQuest II. I started playing it at launch and have been hooked ever since. Prior to that, I played EQ1 with my ex. I grew up on Atari, NES, Commodore 64, and Gameboy — mostly thanks to having 3 brothers. In recent years, I’ve enjoyed games that involve solving puzzles, collecting things, or home/character customization. I loved the Sims and could spend hours just building and decorating houses. I spent weeks in Endless Ocean exploring, collecting, and cataloging. I love getting lost in the tedium.