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I finished a couple new craft projects over the holidays, thanks to my Silhouette Portrait!

First up were gifts for friends in our building — well, actually, gifts for Lola’s friends in our building. πŸ˜‰ I made pop-up cards and gift boxes for each of them:

Pop-Up Christmas Card Gift Boxes

They turned out really great!

What was in the gift boxes, you ask? Homemade dog treats! I used this recipe, which went through a revision from one commenter, and I revised it further. (You can print a copy of it from the recipe details at the bottom of this post!) By all accounts, the treats were a resounding success…and Lola loved being my taste-tester. πŸ™‚

I also painted a festive canvas to put on our fireplace mantel. I used my Silhouette to cut vinyl stencils, which I then applied to the canvas. I used pearlescent and glittery paint to fill in the blanks, and tada!

Background Stencil Painting the Background Pearly, Sparkly Snowflake! Foreground Stencils Galore Foreground Ready to Paint Halfway there! On the Mantel

The Finished Product!

The glittery-ness didn’t show up quite as much as I’d hoped, especially not in the low light. Apparently I’ll have plenty of chances to get it right, since Peter has decreed I must now make a canvas we can display for each holiday throughout the year. πŸ™‚

What did YOU craft over the holidays?


I dunno about you guys, but my Christmas morning was filled with joy and surprise. πŸ™‚

First up, I got this doodad, which I’m thinking will be employed to make geeky pendants and stuff! Peter Kickstarted it earlier this year, and it luckily arrived in time for Christmas.


Next, I was instructed to open one of two identical boxes — the heavier one first. Since I knew Peter had used a couple Misto Box boxes, I joked, “Hey, you got me a Misto Box!” As I continued to unwrap it, I soon discovered… Keep reading »


The gift I want to give myself in 2010 is that of self-control. I want to eat less, spend less, and stop plucking so damned much. I want to move about more, create more, and feel better.

I guess you could say I enjoy things that stimulate my senses; when shopping, I’m always touching things, loving the textures of fabrics and materials. I love eating good food…it’s hard to stop because I enjoy the flavor so much. I like looking at shiny, colorful, or bright things that catch and hold my eye. I almost always have scented candles or incense burning because I love the different aromas.

All this makes it easy to overindulge when I should be thinking about the bigger picture. I want a second helping of pasta because it turned out so well. I want to order another box full of beads because they’re new and shiny or have such pretty colors. It’s not that I need to stop enjoying these things; I just need to know when to stop.

I have more than enough materials to make countless bits of jewelry…all I have to do is sit down and commit some of my ideas to the materials I have on-hand. I don’t need to cook less-tasty food…I need to learn to listen to my stomach when it tells me I’m sated rather than listen to my tongue and get another helping.

There’s more to be said, but that’s for another post at another time. Suffice to say that this year will be a year of moderation!


Guild Hall Decor: Nights of the DeadI’ve been immersed in the EQ2 Nights of the Dead celebrations for the last few weeks. The haunted house, haunted mansion, and trick-or-treating of years past have returned, and new for this year is a spooky hedge maze, the Hollow Hedge. All of the events are fun and not too grindy — you might find yourself wanting to run the events dozens of times to get your fill of all the goodies up for grabs. These range from a new appearance-only armor set to some appropriately ghoulish house items.

EQ2 Nights of the Dead '09: Skull-Spiked Pauldrons EQ2 Nights of the Dead '09: Hollow Cloak of the Hedge EQ2 Nights of the Dead '09: Ghoulish Night Cloak

EQ2 Nights of the Dead '09: Nightmarish Armor Guild Hall Decor: Nights of the Dead (NPCs) Guild Hall Decor: Nights of the Dead (entryway)

Free Realms: Witch CostumeIn other Halloween News, the Super Spooktacular in Free Realms is still going on. You can earn lots of cool costumes and prizes, and the quests to get them are short, sweet, and fun. Most of the festivities center around Sanctuary, although you’ll find celebrators through Sacred Grove who will point you in the right direction.

This wasn’t planned, but I noticed that my dog Moxy is dressed up as a Gay Pride parade! /thumbsup

Free Realms: Moxy in Costume


Limited Edition Spring Concert Tee (green)Those of us who actually stayed up-to-date on the concert knew that it may start 15 or 30 minutes late, so we weren’t nearly as frustrated as the kids who were ready for it to start at 4:00pm Pacific on the dot.

While it was disappointing that they showed up, played the one song, and then left (with encore performances at 4:45pm Pacific and again at 5:00pm Pacific), it was still a lot of fun. Here are a few of the screenies I captured during the concert:

The CrowdPyrotechnics!View From the StageA Little Moshing