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Looks like the ACNL Guide app is adding more features!

  • Flowers (and how to grow hybrids)
  • Gyroids
  • K.K. Songs
  • Measures taken to remove server load
  • Several bug fixes & minor changes

I don’t have the update available yet, although the app description has new patch notes and yesterday’s date as the most recent patch time. (Seems that’s been happening with a few apps recently…App Store bug?) Keep an eye out!


Just wanted to give you all a heads-up that the ACNL Guide app I posted about a few days ago got a big content update this morning! Here are the highlights:

ACNL Guide update notes for 7/15

I’m sad to report that the “Ads Removed!” popup bug is still hanging around, but it’s still just a minor annoyance. [UPDATE: I misspoke! If you paid to remove the ads, you will have to hit “Cancel” on the iTunes password prompt one more time and dismiss the “Ads Removed!” popup. Seems like once you’ve done that, the popups are gone for good! Yay!!] I do, however, LOVE the “Right Now” function…I was daydreaming about just this sort of thing the other day!

Here’s a quick screenie of the new bottom menu and the newly expanded “More” page:

ACNL Guide: 7/15 update


ACNL GuideI’ve been trying to keep an eye out for any Animal Crossing apps that will enhance my New Leaf experience, and I think I’ve found a real gem.

This app is called ACNL Guide, and it’s a FREE iPhone/Android app (no iPad version yet, although it scales up reasonably well). You can pay $0.99 in-app to remove the small banner ad at the bottom — and this app is TOTALLY worth $0.99.

The app gives you sortable lists to track your bugs, fish, fossils, and public works projects, and it also has an event calendar so you can keep an eye out for upcoming celebrations and contests.

The bug and fish lists have both a master list as well as a monthly breakdown. You can mark a critter as “caught” by tapping the bug or fish icon to the right of its name. You can tap the name to see the in-game encyclopedia’s image, when and where you can find it, and how much it sells for. (The sell price and rarity is also noted below the name in the master/month list, so you can just skim the list instead of having to tap everything to see what’s worth more.)

Here’s a gallery of screenshots with some more detailed info about each section:

There are only two tiny problems I have with this app. 1) If you pay to remove the banner ad, you’re prompted for your iTunes password every subsequent time you open the app — I’m sure this is just a bug, since you can hit “Cancel” to make it go away, and you’ll again see the “Ads Removed! Thank you for your support! Ads have been removed” message.  2) Some of the event descriptions are chopped off at the bottom (see this gallery image).

I’m sure these will be fixed in subsequent updates, but in the meantime, they’re a small distraction from what is a brilliant little app overall. Hope you guys find it useful too!


(That’s totally my Froglok Conjuror’s catch phrase.)

I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I’ve posted anything. It’s not like I’ve been slacking, either…I’ve put in enough hours on a recent corporate project to warrant browsing for a laptop of my very own. Yvria, my Weaponsmith in EQ2, hit level 80 last week. Kharri, my Carpenter, finished her crafter epic yesterday. I’m steadily leveling up my combat jobs in Free Realms, one at a time. My Animal Crossing: City Folk town is still chugging along, and I log in daily to keep all my flowers watered and stuff.

With the weather changing from summer to fall, I’ve had a fibro flare-up or two that’s slowed me down for a few days. Right now I’m suspicious of some intense coughing fits I’ve been having recently. If I feel myself passing away, I’ll let everyone know well in advance. No, you can’t have my stuff. :p

I’ve decided to move my guild’s website from Dragonfly CMS to WordPress, since I’ve been really getting into making new themes lately. I’m even seriously considering making a WordPress port of Roster Master as a plugin, but we’ll see how that goes when I have more time to concentrate on it.

I’m designing an AION website for an ex-EQ2 sig artist friend. It’s going to be way cool and will be launching before the game is released later this month. The AetherNet — keep an eye on it!


I made this today on a whim…just had a picture in my head and wanted to try to recreate it. 🙂 It’s 1680×1050 (widescreen), but if you’d like a different size, let me know.

K.K. Slider wallpaper (1680x1050)