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If I haven’t mentioned in a while how much I love this game, allow me to remedy that: I love this game.

The last few times I’ve played, probably spaced out over the last year or two, I realized that I’d come to the “grind” portion of the game. I’ve finished the main storyline and now have to take guide, photograph, and salvage requests to build up the currency — Pelagos, in the game parlance — I need to return to the site of the story’s climax and get access to the grandest treasures and rarest creatures in the game. Thankfully I can also now take dolphin show requests, and they’re a nice source of fairly steady Pelagos, besides being pretty easy to do, with no travel required.

So I need 1 million Pelagos, and I’m up to just over 800,000. *pant, pant, pant* As I’m slogging through the requests, though, I’m earning a few little in-game extras like new diving equipment, decorations for my private reef (so posh!), or new functionality for existing equipment. One of the latest ones I’ve gotten is the ability to develop my photos in black-and-white instead of only color, and that’s been pretty fun — and I got some incredible shots of grey whales while diving in the Zahhab Region.

The final expedition to the Cavern of the Gods is in sight now, and I’m pretty antsy to get in there!


(That’s totally my Froglok Conjuror’s catch phrase.)

I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I’ve posted anything. It’s not like I’ve been slacking, either…I’ve put in enough hours on a recent corporate project to warrant browsing for a laptop of my very own. Yvria, my Weaponsmith in EQ2, hit level 80 last week. Kharri, my Carpenter, finished her crafter epic yesterday. I’m steadily leveling up my combat jobs in Free Realms, one at a time. My Animal Crossing: City Folk town is still chugging along, and I log in daily to keep all my flowers watered and stuff.

With the weather changing from summer to fall, I’ve had a fibro flare-up or two that’s slowed me down for a few days. Right now I’m suspicious of some intense coughing fits I’ve been having recently. If I feel myself passing away, I’ll let everyone know well in advance. No, you can’t have my stuff. :p

I’ve decided to move my guild’s website from Dragonfly CMS to WordPress, since I’ve been really getting into making new themes lately. I’m even seriously considering making a WordPress port of Roster Master as a plugin, but we’ll see how that goes when I have more time to concentrate on it.

I’m designing an AION website for an ex-EQ2 sig artist friend. It’s going to be way cool and will be launching before the game is released later this month. The AetherNet — keep an eye on it!


I made this today on a whim…just had a picture in my head and wanted to try to recreate it. 🙂 It’s 1680×1050 (widescreen), but if you’d like a different size, let me know.

K.K. Slider wallpaper (1680x1050)


Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: City Folk was this past Sunday, and it was a hoot. From Zipper T. Bunny (the obviously underpaid and insincerely enthusiastic mascot) in front of Town Hall to the gazillions of bunny eggs he’d buried around town, it was easily an all-day event. I found great relief in the fact that each player in each town has his or her own “set” of bunny eggs to find, and the locations of remaining eggs change every time you login, making it easier to find those you may have missed before.

In the spirit of being festive — you all know how much I looove to be festive! — I redid my second floor bedroom in the Godawful so-cute-it’s-hideous Egg furniture series (or is it a set? I get them confused!). Clockwise from top left, we have the Egg Wardrobe, Egg Toy Set, Egg Bench, Egg Lamp, Egg Table, Egg Chair, Egg Clock, Egg Dresser, Egg Stereo, and Egg Bed, all of which is complemented by the Egg Wall and Egg Floor. EGG!!

Egg Furniture

It was a load of fun, and that’s no yolk. (*bah-dum-ching*)


Here I am in my Leprechaun design with the Shamrock Hat that Nintendo sent me in the mail this morning. 😀 Also pictured is the Isiston town flag, featuring the heavenly visage of Princess Isis herself!