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I finished a couple new craft projects over the holidays, thanks to my Silhouette Portrait!

First up were gifts for friends in our building — well, actually, gifts for Lola’s friends in our building. 😉 I made pop-up cards and gift boxes for each of them:

Pop-Up Christmas Card Gift Boxes

They turned out really great!

What was in the gift boxes, you ask? Homemade dog treats! I used this recipe, which went through a revision from one commenter, and I revised it further. (You can print a copy of it from the recipe details at the bottom of this post!) By all accounts, the treats were a resounding success…and Lola loved being my taste-tester. 🙂

I also painted a festive canvas to put on our fireplace mantel. I used my Silhouette to cut vinyl stencils, which I then applied to the canvas. I used pearlescent and glittery paint to fill in the blanks, and tada!

Background Stencil Painting the Background Pearly, Sparkly Snowflake! Foreground Stencils Galore Foreground Ready to Paint Halfway there! On the Mantel

The Finished Product!

The glittery-ness didn’t show up quite as much as I’d hoped, especially not in the low light. Apparently I’ll have plenty of chances to get it right, since Peter has decreed I must now make a canvas we can display for each holiday throughout the year. 🙂

What did YOU craft over the holidays?


I’ve just updated the Apprentice Recipes PDF file…seems there were some margin issues that resulted in some columns being chopped off when printed.

All fixed now, so enjoy! 🙂

[ddownload id=1210] (File size: [ddownload_size id=1210] – [ddownload_count id=1210] downloads)


It’s been a while, but I’ve just updated my Apprentice Recipes PDF checklist to include all level 95 recipes. Download away and get those boxes ticked!! (Check out the release notes on the downloads page for a changelog.)

[ddownload id=1210]


I’ve added color-coding to the Tradeskill Apprentice Recipes PDF download. Click below for the updated file! (Check out the release notes on the downloads page for a changelog.)

[ddownload id=1210]


Because I’ve been going a little confectionery-crazy lately, Peter decided to let me splurge on a nice mixer to add to my kitchen arsenal. I went with the KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer, and let me tell you, this thing is a BEAST. I’ve had a workout just arranging it on the counter and tinkering with it as I read through the instruction manual. It weighs 20 pounds, easy.

I went with the Imperial Black color, which isn’t as glossy as some product images implied, but that’s OK — I like the feel of it, since it’s kinda like a thick powder-coat type paint, and I know that it won’t show smudges or scuffs like the smooth finishes will. It reminds me of a well-used, well-seasoned cast iron skillet.

My first project will be these espresso chocolate chip shortbread cookies that Peter and I have become addicted to. They’re insane. Here’s the blog post on Use Real Butter, which is where I found the recipe, and it links back to the original recipe on Smitten Kitchen. They vary a tiny bit, but the Use Real Butter version/method has worked out amazingly for me. It’ll be extra nice not to have my arms and hands cramp up from mixing them manually!

Seriously, bookmark that recipe. You’ll be making them repeatedly, and in increasing frequency. XD