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…No, I didn’t fall in love. I changed my Twitter handle!

After being @g33kg0dd3ss since I joined Twitter in August 2008 (6.5 years ago!!), it’s going to take some time to get used to being @PartPurple. I keep seeing replies and thinking for a second, “Who are they talking to? Oh, right…”

That’s the only con I can think of, really. The pros will far outweigh it:

  • Easier to type — No more keyboard safari!
  • Easier to spell — No more wondering if you l33t-ed the right letter!
  • Easier to remember — Anyone who knows anything about me knows everything I own must be purple!

I think it also sums me up in a nice, general way. I’m not just a geek, a pagan, a gamer, a crafter, a cook, a dog-mom, a smartass, a designer, a coder, or a Barq’s addict.

I’m all of those things — and every one of those things that make me me has a little bit that’s part purple. 😉


Another year, another PAX East come and gone…

We had a pretty good time this year, and didn’t really feel pressured to cram in as many panels as possible like the first year, or to demo all the games we could like last year. 🙂 We got to see friends, old and new, and had some incredible food (Pasta Beach, I’m lookin’ at you).

The swag for day 3 was pretty slim…I went by the Chessex booth — yes, again — and snagged another bag of D20s. I got a Penny Arcade shirt on our way out of the expo hall; it has a D2o on it, “1” side up, with “I feel shame as a minor action.” XD I did manage to snag another Secret World beta weekend code, another tauntaun pet code for SWTOR, and a handful of limited edition artifact codes for Novus Aeterno. I will be giving codes away in the coming days with some sorts of contests or something, so watch my Twitter feed!

I strolled through the tabletop area while looking for Green Armadillo and saw these crazy little wooden semicircles called Skallops. You can get a kit that includes gobs of the little doohickeys and a deck of cards; you connect the cards with the Skallops and let your imagination run free! The inventor (which of course was some guy in his early 20s, hehe) was manning the booth, and he gave a mighty good pitch. They were making hats (one guy even made a neat crown), skyscrapers, and all kinds of crazy stuff. Plus, he was using Square to take payments, and that made the booth even more awesome! Here, take the money! TAKE IT!!

Here’s an album of the pics I took, and here are the pics specifically from our Saturday night tweetup. I’m the world’s worst at remembering names, so if you guys can help me fill in some of the blanks, I’ll be your BFF. 🙂


Got back a few minutes ago from our awesome tweetup. It was great to see everybody again and meet some new folks too!

Here’s today’s loot haul:

  • Another Tera beta key
  • Copy of World of Tanks with codes for 2100 gold, 2000 gold, and a 1-month premium account
  • 4 Jet Set Radio buttons
  • Neverwinter beta key
  • Zelda: Skyward Sword comic
  • Rohto eye drops sample and coupon (Srsly?)
  • Shoot Many Robots loot codes for a freeze ray and a tutu
  • 4 Shoot Many Robots buttons
  • A couple other tiny buttons from random booths

Tomorrow’s the last day, and I think we want to take one more spin around the show floor. I kinda wanted to see the “How to Make Gaming Sites that Don’t Suck” panel, but it’s at 10am and I doubt I’ll be conscious. XD

PS – I’ll upload pics when I can get them off my phone and onto my PC at home. 🙂


We had a nice day overall, going to the Future of Online Gaming panel at 6pm and the premier screening of Dragonage: Dawn of the Seeker at 9pm. They were both fun for entirely different reasons. 🙂 We also took a spin around the show floor and I got another bag of D20s for jewelry.

The basic swag bag came with the following goodies:

  • Magic 2013 paper crown thingie
  • D&D: Rise of the Underdark 3-D paper model of Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders
  • Magic: The Gathering “Chandra Nalaar” deck
  • Magicka free game code
  • Kaijudo pin
  • X-Box Live 1-month Gold Membership code
  • D&D Online dice bag
  • Free boxed DVD-ROM copy of Rift
  • Behemoth lanyard (same one as last year, bah)
  • Various advertising materials for companies/games/booths (of course)

Additional swag tally:

  • Tera lion mount & open beta access code
  • The Secret World tag necklace & beta access code (just for the public beta weekend in May)
  • Planetside 2 cling sticker
  • SWTOR mini-pet tauntaun fawn code
  • Three(!) Guild Wars 2 beta access codes
  • Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker t-shirt
  • Planetside 2 t-shirt
  • Defiance t-shirt

I’m looking forward to seeing what Day 2 holds!