EverQuest II (PC, Daybreak Games)

All of my characters are on the Crushbone server and belong to my guild Halasian Empire.

Riannon Frostfyre Dionaea Muscipula Kharri Shadefang
Asana Rimeblade Ijada Ni'Suri Ofaiia Quarkcaller Ooma Aalenaithi Qideri Blessedflame Yvria Phyxala


Animal Crossing (Nintendo DS and Nintento Wii)

Isiston Angela (Animal Crossing: City Folk)


Character Name: Angela
Town Name: Isiston

Friend Code: 2621-8145-4501

I have all fruits!








Character Name: Angela
Town Name: Monamona

Friend Code: 3024-5035-0177
Dream Address: 4200-2190-2763

I have all fruits and all shops!




Landmark (PC [beta], Daybreak Games)

Character Name: Riannon
Guild: Halasian Empire

Home Server: Serenity
Home Continent: Silver Shallows

Landmark: Riannon