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Week 7: Lavendula

Here’s my first phone charm! I’m tempted to keep it. >.>

The raw materials. Assembling! BLING

Digging this...


As promised, here’s the end result of my previous post:


I wish I’d have been able to add the types of sugar and flour to the labels, but it was easier on my brain to just use the larger letters. Maybe I’ll try a white or silver paint pen and put them between the lid and the acrylic window, but that will have to be sometime down the line. 🙂

Hope this inspired you to do a little painting of your own!


Black Nesting CanistersI bought a couple sets of these canisters from Target ages ago, and they’ve been awesome for storing my sugars, flour, tea bags, and loose coffee beans. I’ve been wanting to add labels to them for a while, but I couldn’t decide exactly how I wanted to do it, given the plethora of ideas out there (and by “out there,” I mean, “on Pinterest”).

Should I buy labels I can write on? Print and glue them? Mod Podge them? Freehand them? Find a stencil font I like and trace them? So many choices!!

I found a font that I thought would be ideal a while back: Captain Howdy. I fell in love with it when I saw it and knew it would be perfect.

The rest of the process? Not quite so perfect.

Here’s my convoluted crafting journey. Let it serve as a warning! Keep reading »