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Week 4: Dusky Orchid

This piece was made with lilac stone rounds, faceted and pressed glass beads, glass seed beads, and antique brass-colored accents.

Week 4: Materials Week 4: Ideas Percolating Week 4: Coming Together

Back of Ceramic Shell Inside of Ceramic Shell


Week 3: Lion

Added some gold accents to the central wood ring in my Week 3 project. NOW it’s finished!

Week 3 Result Update Week 3 Result Update


Week 3: Lion

I’m pleased with this one! I don’t make many bracelets, but I like this one. I may add more gold accents to the wood rings to balance out the gold chains and clasps, but I consider this one done. 🙂

First attempt...not impressed. Take 2 with wood rings. Win! Crimped and ready for a clasp...
All clasped up! Top View Bottom View



Week 2: Ginger Bread

Here they are! I’m pretty happy…they feel very glamorous. 🙂

The stash! Ribbon ends applied, wrapping begins... ...Wrapping continues...and still more wrapping...

Large and small, finished at last!


Week 1: Nostalgia Rose

After a distinct lack of inspiration early last week, I finally decided what direction I wanted to take this piece in, and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Since I decided to go with the terra rosa jasper, I felt that gunmetal-plated findings would complement the greys in the stone perfectly. I used jumprings to create helm chain to hold the focal piece and to separate the stringing wire sections of seed beads, faceted bicones, and terra rosa rounds.

From start to finish:

Hmm, what to choose... Finally, some good ideas! Nearly there...

Finished piece!