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Week 8: Forever Blue

Tada! Knocked this one out in a couple of hours today. I got these glass focal pieces in a big jumble sale, and it was clearly their time to get put to use.

The raw materials. Stringing it along! A (fuzzy, sorry!) work in progress.

The end result!


Week 7: Lavendula

Here’s my first phone charm! I’m tempted to keep it. >.>

The raw materials. Assembling! BLING

Digging this...


Week 6: Mauve Shadows

Finally got this one out of the way!

Focal done! Measured the chain... All done!

The finished product.


This series of posts will focus on crafting supplies that are must-haves at my table! Many are common sense, but a few might surprise you…

First of all, I’m really loving my Flush Cutters. I’ve used various cutting pliers since I started making jewelry, but flush cutters have been a “Why didn’t I get these sooner?!” item. 🙂

They are excellent for trimming beading wire incredibly close to a crimp bead. Trying to trim wire with more bulky cutters often resulted in uneven, frayed ends that weren’t nearly as short as they should have been. The thin, sharp blades of a flush cutter let you get right in there and make a nice, clean cut.

Don’t be afraid to spend a few more dollars on a nicer pair — you’ll get a more sturdy blade and a longer-lasting tool.


Week 5: Orchid Hush

Since this week’s color is in the same family as last week’s, I decided to continue with the lilac stone rounds and create a pair of earrings to match last week’s necklace!

Necklace and Earrings!