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The packing’s done, and tomorrow we head into Boston for the third annual PAX East. Gonna hook up with some folks Saturday night for the tweetup, and I will be floating around here and there with my jewelry in tow. I’ll have my D20 necklace supplies too, and I plan to hit the Chessex booth pretty hard. XD If you pick up any die that you want necklace-ized, just hit me up!


For any folks interested in commissioning a caged d20 necklace, here are the colors I have on-hand. 🙂  The colors below are as close as I can get to the actual tones, but be aware that actual colors may vary slightly from what’s pictured.

Final necklace price depends on the intricacy of the final product. You can choose gold- or silver-plated accents for the cage around the die, and I can string it for you as a key fob, necklace, rear-view mirror dangle, etc., on gold- or silver-plated curb chain, a coordinating color of nylon-coated beading wire strung with glass beads, or waxed cotton cord (thin or thick). You can have embellishments added or keep it simple…I have lots of supplies, so I can accomodate most requests!

You can DM me on Twitter (@g33kg0dd3ss) or email me with your request and desired colors. 🙂


Been a very, very long while since I posted anything here, but I’ve made a decision to try to be more active.

As a step in that direction, here’s a custom caged d20 I made for @Jadielady, who is, quite simply, the awesomesauce. 🙂