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This is another of the first Pins I tried, because I love things that smell amazing. Basically, all you have to do is find a Downy Unstopables scent you like and sprinkle a small handful in an oil warmer. Pop in a lit tealight, and wait for the amazing smell to permeate your home.

I went with the pink “Shimmer” scent, since that’s what appealed to me the most in the laundry aisle at the supermarket. It has a nice sweet, heady floral scent that fills the air nicely when warmed.

The downside to this Pin, besides the fact that Downy apparently can’t spell “unstoppables,” is that you may experience some fallout from any sensitive pets you may have.

We have two guinea pigs that live on the ground floor, about 10 feet from where my oil warmer is stationed. Our little Mona did not do well when I was using this stuff every day — she stopped eating and became listless, which is crazy because she’s kind-of a spaz and normally eats like there’s no tomorrow.

Peter connected the dots and realized that she started not feeling well right about the same time I started doing this, and we agreed to put the kibosh on the Downy for a week and see if she bounced back. She did, so be aware that the critters you share your home with might not do so well with this Pin. I mean, it’s meant for the washing machine, not an oil warmer, so how good can it be for you or your pets to breathe in all the time, anyway?

My conclusion:

   Smells Good != Good For You