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I am so very sad to let you all know that Isis left us sometime early this morning. As you probably remember, she has been suffering with ovarian cysts (and the resulting digestive issues) for the last 3 years or so. Over the past few months, she also developed some tumors, which I believe are what finally overcame her. She would have been 6 years old this December.

She was a shining example of guinea pig-dom. She was the original Guinea Goddess. While it breaks our hearts to finally have to say goodbye to her, we know that she’s no longer in pain or distress. I always used to call her my “angel pig,” and now she finally is one.

She grew to be a stubborn, moody thing as the years went by, and I think she overcame her various health issues by sheer will alone: it was her way or the highway! I used to joke that the Rainbow Bridge didn’t want her, and Hell was afraid she’d take over. Through all her bossiness, cage-chewing, and demands for MORE FOOD!!, she always loved to cuddle with me and was as content as could be in my arms. She loved to give kisses, stretching out her nose to touch someone as soon as she was close enough.

I’m going to miss her very, very much. The sun is a little dimmer now that she’s gone.

We gave Mimi and Mona a chance to say goodbye. Mona wasn’t quite sure what to do, but Mimi laid down next to Isis and tried to wake her up. It was heartbreaking, but I’m glad that she passed at home and they were able to see her one last time.

I’m not sure when I’ll stop crying — probably not for a long while yet. It grieves me to let her go, but it’s my firm belief that she’s found herself a big carrot patch somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge and is furiously chomping away at them.


Yesterday, Mona discovered that there’s more to the world than the six-inch-high plastic base of her cage. Ever since then, she’s been popping her head out of her doorway, standing on her hind legs to try to reach pretty shiny things on my craft table, which is above and behind her, and “pssh! pssh!”-ing all over the place, LOL. (She’s still tiny, and wheeking is a “learned” behavior, so we think she’s just not quite got the hang of it quite yet…but it’s funny listening to her bop around her cage and hiss like a radiator.)

She’s even managed to move her house out of the corner so that she has room to run around it. Just in the last few days she’s become much more brave and curious, running to check out new things — or just regular old things — every chance she gets and chattering away to herself or whoever will listen. She’s a little charmer, and she’s going to fit right in with the rest of our family just fine.