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I know, I know…it’s been way too long. I thought it was way past time I update you on the fun stuff from the last several months, plus make a promise to be better about posting as events unfold.


April 28: I started a noodle binder! I knit little i-cords for all of the yarns I had and filled out pages for each brand.

Update: I have sooo muuuch yaaarn. The noodle binder is so far behind. I look at it every time I walk by, fully intending to get everything caught up but… /sigh Keep reading »


If you know me even a little bit, you know I love seasonal decor. I picked up some great fall floral picks at JoAnn the other day to make this year’s wreath, and I (of course) had some left over. They looked great on my mantel in a vase, but those ugly plastic stems were doing zero for the overall effect.

Quick, cheap fix: Cut a piece of coordinating craft/scrapbooking paper to fit in the vase to hide those ugly stems. I had some cute Halloween papers and found this orange and yellow pattern that fits in perfectly.

Fall Mantel


I painted up these tiny paper mache Jack O’Lanterns to make a spooky fall focus for our mantel! I finished these little cuties the other day and got them displayed this evening. Aren’t they adorable??

LED Tealight Jack O'Lanterns

They sit just right on top of some battery-powered LED tealights (which you can find just about anywhere nowadays), giving them a flickering, realistic glow.

Ready for the how-to? Here we go!! Keep reading »