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It’s that time of year again, when we all look back and sigh with relief that yes! we made it this far…right before we get all jittery about what the upcoming year will bring.

This past year has been one of mostly good things for me. I’ve landed some corporate design/development projects that have paid the bills for a little while. I’ve gotten diagnoses for my mystery ailments. Our little family has grown, and grown closer.

I’ve also got my mitts on some really cool stuff this year, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to share my experiences. Here are just a few of the non-geeky ones, in no particular order:

Proactiv Solution
Because my hormones have been out of whack since I was 13, my skin is always doing something freaky, from being dry and flaky to its ever-popular Exxon-Valdez impression. One thing it’s done consistently since I was a teenager is break out, and I finally got fed up and decided to shell out the moulah to try Proactiv. One word: Wow. I noticed a marked difference after using the three-step system just a few times, and 3 months later, my skin (and my self-esteem) is thanking me.

One thing to note: Yeah, it’s expensive stuff, BUT you can change how often you receive your auto-delivered shipments (as part of the “Clear Skin Club”), from every 4 weeks to every 16 weeks. You can even change the combination of items they send you, in package prices ranging from $40 to $60 — or just cancel your auto-delivery altogether and order the stuff as you need it (at a slightly higher price), including sun care, makeup, and body and hair care items ranging in price from $9 to $50.

OMG, I LOVE this thing. I was having serious problems with the callouses on my heels starting to crack and peel, and they were becoming really painful. A quick trip to Walgreens and $10 later, I’m footloose and fancy-free. Peter thinks I’m crazy for using a glorified cheese grater on my feet. What does he know?! My feet haven’t looked (or felt) this great in a decade.

Most. Addictive. Puzzle. Ever. It’s supposed to improve your memory, but I find it very methodical and relaxing — great bedtime “tire your brain out” material. Can’t get enough.

Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil
I love this for more than the obvious “it’s more healthy than regular mayo while remaining quite tasty” reason. When my fibro flares up and my joints start bothering me, the last thing I want to do is open jars. No problem here! This container is pleasantly oblong with a flip-top lid, making it much easier to grasp and open than conventional mayo jars. Two achy thumbs way up.

Limoncello with Sprite or Sierra Mist
Chilled sweet lemon liqueur with lemon-lime soda FTW. Almost impossible to tell that it’s alcoholic until you’ve had 3 and then try to walk. :p Tasty.