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We had a nice day overall, going to the Future of Online Gaming panel at 6pm and the premier screening of Dragonage: Dawn of the Seeker at 9pm. They were both fun for entirely different reasons. 🙂 We also took a spin around the show floor and I got another bag of D20s for jewelry.

The basic swag bag came with the following goodies:

  • Magic 2013 paper crown thingie
  • D&D: Rise of the Underdark 3-D paper model of Lolth, Demon Queen of Spiders
  • Magic: The Gathering “Chandra Nalaar” deck
  • Magicka free game code
  • Kaijudo pin
  • X-Box Live 1-month Gold Membership code
  • D&D Online dice bag
  • Free boxed DVD-ROM copy of Rift
  • Behemoth lanyard (same one as last year, bah)
  • Various advertising materials for companies/games/booths (of course)

Additional swag tally:

  • Tera lion mount & open beta access code
  • The Secret World tag necklace & beta access code (just for the public beta weekend in May)
  • Planetside 2 cling sticker
  • SWTOR mini-pet tauntaun fawn code
  • Three(!) Guild Wars 2 beta access codes
  • Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker t-shirt
  • Planetside 2 t-shirt
  • Defiance t-shirt

I’m looking forward to seeing what Day 2 holds!


The packing’s done, and tomorrow we head into Boston for the third annual PAX East. Gonna hook up with some folks Saturday night for the tweetup, and I will be floating around here and there with my jewelry in tow. I’ll have my D20 necklace supplies too, and I plan to hit the Chessex booth pretty hard. XD If you pick up any die that you want necklace-ized, just hit me up!