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So I forgot to post about them, but I made a second pair of armwarmers after I posted last. I used the same pattern as before but worked elbow-to-fingers to balance the snugness of either end.

They came out really well, but the yarn baffles me (Patons Misty in Fawn Fur). One of them was a lovely mottled combination of tan and brown, and the other wound up striped. They’re just for me, so I don’t care much…just thought it was funky!

Not stripey... Stripey!

I also made some house socks with the grey version of the same yarn (Patons Misty in Granite Dust [discontinued]). After restarting the first sock 12+ times (I honestly lost count) to get the short row technique right, I finally got it finished after about a week. I then had to rework the bind-off because the technique I originally used gave me zero stretch.

The second sock was going great — finished in two days! — but after I had it all bound-off and the tails trimmed, I realized the heel-toe and heel-cuff row ratio (I just made that up) was off. Long story just a bit shorter, I had to work the second sock back before I started the heel in order to fix it. It turned out pretty well! This yard did the same thing the brown yarn did, though, and it’s even weirder because I used two skeins at once to do the socks; the colors had to line up just right not only within the skein but between two skeins.

Anyhow, here they are:

Top View Side View

Lola approves!

As expected, they’re soft and warm, but I seem to feel the stitches pretty distinctly on the soles of my feet when I walk in them. It’s a bit like getting a tiny foot massage, and not entirely unpleasant. The bind-off I used is a version of the one in the toe-up sock tutorial linked above.

Next project is one last pair of armwarmers (for now) using this pattern on Ravelry (you need to register for an account [free] to see it). The yarn I’ll be using is Patons Kroy Sock in Bramble Stripes.