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I just got finished tinkering with my “top three” characters — Ria, Dio, and Kharri — and I’m already loooooving the new Heirloom item tag.

It took me about 15 seconds to warp Ria to Danak Shipyard once I logged in, and she made the rounds of Bathezid’s Watch and Riliss too. All my alts now have shiny RoK faction recipe books waiting patiently for them in my shared bank. 🙂

As of right now, though, these three girls are the only ones high enough in their chosen tradeskill profession to actually scribe them, but I have a full set of crafters who will be ever so grateful for this new item flag once they reach level 70. I’m also going to be making use of this when it comes time for them all to do their Proof of the Pudding tradeskill epic.

You can’t see it, but I’m doing the Snoopy dance right now.


cloakoftheharvesterI’m on my third go-round with the tradeskill Signature quest series, A Gathering Obsession. I did it with my 40-something (now 50-something) Defiler / 80 Carpenter Kharri, and with my 80 Templar / 80 Sage Riannon. This time, it’s 60-something Fury / 70 Tailor Dionaea who’s taken on the task.

It’s worth noting that this quest is a LOT easier to complete with a crafter that also happens to be a high-level adventurer, but I’m sure that’s been said plenty of times. Harvesting in the higher-tier zones is risky business, and lots of deaths are to be expected; you might as well unequip your gear now and have your Wand of Forgiveness ready! That being said, low-level adventurers can definitely complete this quest, but it will of course take more time and require a lot more care.

As of right now, Dio is on quest #7 and having fun dodging aggro (albeit green and blue aggro) around Tenebrous Tangle. Wish me dens!!

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