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…No, I didn’t fall in love. I changed my Twitter handle!

After being @g33kg0dd3ss since I joined Twitter in August 2008 (6.5 years ago!!), it’s going to take some time to get used to being @PartPurple. I keep seeing replies and thinking for a second, “Who are they talking to? Oh, right…”

That’s the only con I can think of, really. The pros will far outweigh it:

  • Easier to type — No more keyboard safari!
  • Easier to spell — No more wondering if you l33t-ed the right letter!
  • Easier to remember — Anyone who knows anything about me knows everything I own must be purple!

I think it also sums me up in a nice, general way. I’m not just a geek, a pagan, a gamer, a crafter, a cook, a dog-mom, a smartass, a designer, a coder, or a Barq’s addict.

I’m all of those things — and every one of those things that make me me has a little bit that’s part purple. 😉


I finally finished adding a few social networking icons to my WordPress template, and I thought maybe other folks might find these links useful as well!

First of all, the method of adding each of these three network hookups is pretty similar. If you’ve done any hand-coding and have half a clue as to what you’re doing, you shouldn’t find adding them terribly challenging.

Here’s the documentation for the three share buttons I’ve added:

If you’ll be adding the buttons to blog template pages that display more than one post at a time (like the index page), you’re only a click away from going a little more in-depth with the API. Via easily spotted links, you have access to a handful of additional parameters that the basic button-generating pages don’t bother with.

All-in-all, the hardest part of the process was deciding where to put the damn things. 🙂