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This week, I’ve been entirely addicted to Animal Crossing: City Folk. Believe it or not, my EQ2 game time has taken a serious downturn because of this cutesy little number. I know you folks have heard me mention my love for tedium and my OCD tendencies in relation to this game before, but wow, I think even I underestimated its potential power over me.

Isiston’s “town fruit” is the peach. Damn peach trees are all over the place, to the exclusion of all else, except some cedars here and there. I’ve taken to shaking down a half dozen or so and randomly mailing them out to the NPC townsfolk, praying all the while that my dumb “A peach for a peach!” and “You’re just peachy!” letters — and their attached gift — will earn me another type of fruit. So far, it’s paid off: I’ve gotten 1 apple and 2 oranges, which of course were both immediately planted and watered thoroughly. I did finally have a coconut wash up on the beach the other day too, so I have an almost-mature coconut palm. Just need some cherries and pears, and I’ll have it made!

I’ve also found out that my NPC neighbors apparently like receiving mail from me, and I bet the attached peaches don’t hurt. I’ve turned around two “friendships” already, and I intend to keep fishing for foreign fruit, so I’ll have more BFFs than I can shake a stick at in no time.

I’m also on my third(?) house upgrade; I now have two floors, plus the attic, and a hefty mortgage to match. I have an idea of the kind of “feel” I want my house to have, and it’s taking me a while to find the right types of furniture to fill up all the space I’ve got now… Wish I had that problem in real life. :p

I’m hopping in and out of the game most days, and if anyone else out there in blog-reader-land is playing, I’d be happy to trade friend codes so we can visit each other!


I finally got around to trying out Animal Crossing: City Folk today. Peter gave it to me for Yule and promised that it was right up my alley. Somehow I’ve managed to put it off until now, and I have to say that I’m sorry I did.

As far as the art style goes, the game is incredibly cute. Everything is made of geometric shapes of various sizes, but it doesn’t act as simple as it looks. If you run into a tree, it shakes; if you slam your insect-catching net down in the water, it splashes. Fish are swimming teardrop-shaped shadows in the river and ocean, but have distinctly different appearances if you happen to hook one and reel it in. The NPCs have unique personalities, speech patterns,  and home-decorating styles. Their “speech” is a kind of sped-up, garbled mash of what sounds like both Japanese and English, and while it was a little annoying at first, it did grow on me.

I visited the museum’s coffee shop for the first time, and lo and behold, there was a musician warming up for his gig, apparently just waiting for me to arrive! When I took my seat to listen to his song, I was very pleasantly surprised and overcome with a Cute Overload moment when he started “singing” and playing a ragtime tune while the game’s credits scrolled up the other side of the screen. I almost exploded with the adorableness of it all. The best part was that he gave me a recording of that song to play in my (in-game) house — although I’d love to get an MP3 of it somewhere and crank it out in my actual house.

One neat thing about this game is that it operates in real time; if it’s 12:12am on Sunday, February 14, 2009, in the real world, that’s what time it is in-game. Unfortunately, that’s also one of the bad things about this game. The shops close at 10:00pm and 11:00pm, so all I was doing from 11:00pm to midnight was wandering around the town uprooting and replanting flowers. The NPC townsfolk didn’t have anything for me to do at that late hour, and even the insects had all gone to bed. I had to save and exit because there was literally nothing for me to do!

That being said, I can see myself logging in daily to see what’s going on in my little village of Isiston (yes, I named it after one of the guinea pigs), although I can’t imagine spending the long hours — at all hours — playing it that I do with EQ2.