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isiston-angela01So I realized after fiddling with AC:WW for a day or two that I had totally deluded myself about the ability to visit myself cross-platform. The truth: By using the DS’s “Download Play” feature, I can pack a “DS Suitcase” and take my Wii character on the move. I just have to remember to come back when I’m finished; otherwise, I’ll lose everything I’ve earned on the Wii. Tabula rasa FTL.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t do anything along the lines of DS to Wii play…only Wii to DS, and that’s only temporary. I have to say, though, it is kinda cool that the Wii and DS can find each other in “the cloud” so easily. No flaming hoops required, just click and go.

I won the big fishing tournament in WW yesterday with a 45.5″ sea bass. I got a nice trophy from the mayor in the mail this morning as well as an announcement on the town bulletin board. The AC fishing tourney is this Saturday, but it’s for a specific fish, so that’ll be interesting.

As promised, I’m including a little pic of my AC character! On the Wii, I’m Angela from Isiston, and my friend code is 2621-8145-4501; on the DS, I’m Mona from Mimiburg, and my friend code is 0474-3487-3779.


Today I’m expecting Animal Crossing: Wild World [Flash alert] for the DS to arrive, and I’m pretty excited about it. Not only will I have a portable town to occupy me at all hours, but I’ll be able to visit myself cross-platform. How much fun is that?!

I also ordered the Wii microphone, I guess so I can talk to myself. :p Nah, I’m actually hoping my mom (who will be 61 this year!) will get into it and we can visit each other…I think she’ll have fun with it too. Another goodie arriving today is a memory card so I can save (and transfer) screenshots. No more nekkid AC posts!

Can you tell I finally got paid?